When the original +8 Morgan was introduced in 1968 it was super car quick by Morgan +4 standards. Its American designed V8 produced 168 bhp net with torque of 210lb ft. The car had blistering acceleration that no rival could match, bested back then by only the Jaguar E-type which cost considerably more. When the car was first imported to the United States in 1969, Road & Track magazine wrote, “a Morgan is genuine nostalgia on wheels – genuine nostalgia, not plastic nostalgia.”

Such nostalgia did come at a price, but how could you forget a car that kicked and bucked, went like a rocket, demanded your full attention when extended, assailed your ears and stirred the soul. The first series of two hundred +8’s produced were so loved that today, with so few remaining, they are coveted by collectors world-wide. This car is from that small first series, but you will need to look behind present reimagined modifications to find it. Many original bits were removed and neatly palletized for anyone wishing to recreate a 100% original, early +8 Morgan. However, once you experience the Super +8, you won’t want to do that.

As reimagined, the Super +8 is Morgan centric. So much so that Peter Morgan would have sanctioned it in a heart-beat as a street-competition car as breed from production.

  • New wishbone front suspension supplied by Mulfab.
  • New 4.0 liter 300 bhp V8 engine (featuring four down draft weber carburetors) custom built by John Eales,
  • New four-wheel disc brakes supplied by Mulfab,
  • New braided fuel lines,
  • New stainless steel fuel tank supplied by Mulfab,
  • New aluminum brake lines,
  • New twin stainless steel exhausts,
  • New twin ceramic coated stainless steel manifolds,
  • New AVO shocks,
  • New dual fuel pumps,
  • New overbuilt, aluminum water and oil cooling systems,
  • New anti-tramp bars supplied by Mulfab,
  • New panhard rod supplied by Mulfab,
  • New light-weight ash and aluminum coach work supplied by Morgan Motors,
  • New Le Mans racing seats supplied by Morgan Motors
  • New interior trim supplied by Morgan Motors,
  • New electrical system,
  • New Brooklands aero screens and banjo steering wheel,
  • New walnut veneer dash board supplied by Madera Concepts,
  • New LED running lights and turn indicators,
  • New rack and pinion steering supplied by Mulfab,
  • New recalibrated and restored Morgan instrumentation,
  • New switch gear

In its orginal state, a 1970 +8 Morgan would have out run a Lotus Elan, MG C, Austin Healey 3000 or TR6. The Morgan Super +8 will out gun and run an orginal 289 Cobra all day long!

  • 0-60 in 4-seconds.
  • 60-0 in 120 feet.
  • compliant ride.
  • sharp handling.
  • one ‘G’ skid pad force.

Bolt in a roll bar and you could go race or, enjoy it as is. The Super +8 will deliver a whole new level of fun on your favorite back road. Whenever you push the starter button, your smile and feelings of anticipation will become the story.

This is no simple go fast ‘hot rod’, it is a well-engineered marvel that Morgan would be building today if they were free of government regulations, internal politics and market driven cost constraints. Only the finest purveyors of Morgan-specific, engineered equipment were utilized in the design and build.

The Super +8 is titled and available to be seen and purchased in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida, USA. The Super +8 is within walking distance to Mar-a-Lago, President Donald J. Trump’s Winter White House.

Contact: Gary Lumsden – Gary.Lumsden@areamktg.com – Call 917-770-4300 9am to 6pm (EST)